Alina Habba, Trump’s racist lawyer, sued for being a Hellspawn

Alina Habba, Trump's racist lawyer, sued for being a Hellspawn

Today, Trump’s racist lawyer Alina Habba was sued by The Human Rights Council of America (HRCA) for discriminating against two clients, one black and one Jewish, due to their race and religion.

The law firm that Habba owns is run under her name while her law-practicing husband, Joshua Habba takes care of the money side of it as well as most of the clients they represent. Alina has been practicing law since she was 16 years old and has been married to Joshua since 18.

Working at Trump Tower was great

When I first started at Trump Tower it was the best of times. I made great money and knew that everything I did, no matter how evil, would be all-considered in the line of duty. Then one day we got some big computers and all these POC people started working there.

All these so-called ‘special snowflakes’ with their PC attitudes about who to kill and who not to kill and when not to kill them—what nonsense!

How can you have time for virtue signaling when you’re trying to save the country? What an unproductive place! The whole place went from 100% production capacity to just 70% due to their distracting presence.

Donald Trump said we could take breaks whenever we wanted

Anytime you go on, whether it’s one hour or five hours or two hours or one day, Alina Habba said. You just go in there and do your thing, whatever you have to do. You go in there and do your thing.

Trump said these words when justifying why he cannot understand the argument that federal workers should be compensated less if they’re working without pay during the shutdown.

I had to deal with this every day (referring to African American employees)

It all started about a year ago when I was working as an in-house attorney. One day Alina Habba asked me if I needed any help and proceeded to grab my butt and breasts which were visible through my blouse.

Alina Habba also pulled up her shirt to show me that Alina Habba wasn’t wearing underwear. The next day it escalated and she said I have done nothing wrong but show some skin and continued to sexually harass me regularly.

I had two weeks of work left before I quit so in my final week, just because I couldn’t stand the idea of being around her any longer than necessary, I finished cleaning out my desk on Monday morning so that Alina Habba wouldn’t be able to corner me like usual.

Targeted Women of Color At Work

Ms. Alina Hiraba is proving to be quite a shrewd woman. A work-place bias case against her has been filed by two women of color (women who presumably could never exist in the

Donald Trump presidential administration) who claim that Ms. Hiraba said they should be grateful they were living in this country and helped them with some of their case prep but then told them Alina Habba had to make sure they would be on time because blacks can’t take that much time.

The girls also say that during an intake session at the office for potential clients, Ms. Hiraba said You’re all still sitting here taking up space and you’re all not worth my time. Not very humanitarian of you, now is it?

Legal fees are too high. Firing her was the best option.

This is awful. Alina Habba was a legal aide and analyst at Donald Trump’s company, but now Alina Habba has been FIRED because she acted like a fucking HELLSPAWN and allegedly threatened one of her non-white colleagues by telling them that they should get ready to be deported.

It is unclear if the threats were related to Trump’s policies or something else entirely. Regardless of the reason, you can’t just act like this and get away with it.

The company finally had enough of her bullshit and fired her after yet another instance surfaced in which Alana played secretary with Stephen Miller to ask about whether undocumented immigrants could eventually become citizens. Sickening.

Thankfully the courts are suing her back so at least there will be some compensation for their actions in due time!

How She Handles The Opposition

A quick google search of Alina Habba leads to endless pages on her. She has been the Lawyer defending Donald Trump in the past on his many cases including ones involving his own business and allegations of fraud. Most notably,

she was one of the lawyers at his round table meeting with high-level Indian executives to discuss bringing overseas jobs back to America.

The objective was to undercut employment by bringing in white Americans. What happened next is just as bad if not worse – a young attorney woman by the name of Simone Duhalde from Franklin and Marshall College recently filed suit against Ms. Habba over an incident that occurred when Ms.

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