The Alabama Business and Nonprofit Entities Code (ABNEC) is a business code of conduct that covers all legal entities in the state of Alabama, including corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and, other business structures.

The ABNC can be used by any entity covered by the code to adopt its own internal rules or policies that apply to employees and directors as well as shareholders or members. These rules should be reviewed annually by an ethics committee composed of at least three people who are not involved in the operation of any part of a corporation or LLC operating under this law.

Section 36-9A-2. Alabama Business and Nonprofit Entities Code.

Section 36-9A-2. Alabama Business and Nonprofit Entities Code.

The following definitions shall apply whenever used in this chapter:

  • “State” means the state of Alabama.
  • “Statewide” means all areas within the boundaries of this state except for counties that are incorporated cities, towns, or villages where no property taxes are assessed on real estate located in such counties and collectible by the county board of education; provided, however, that if any portion of any such city is located outside of but contiguous with another area which is also designated as a municipality under Section 41-1A-11(a)(1),
  • Then those portions so designated shall be considered a part thereof for purposes herein stated unless specifically excluded by statute; further provided however that nothing herein shall prohibit municipalities from enacting ordinances regulating their affairs without regard to municipal boundaries as set forth elsewhere herein but rather only to prevent overlap between different jurisdictions’ authority over taxation matters when such overlap exists.”

Section 36-9A-3. State Corporation Commission.

The State Corporation Commission is the state agency that oversees the formation and registration of corporations, LLCs, and other business entities. The SCC also oversees the financial reporting requirements for these entities.

Section 36-9A-4. Reserved.

This section is reserved.

Section 36-9A-5. Reserved.

  • Section 36-9A-5. Reserved.
  • Section 36-9A-6. Reserved.
  • Section 36-9A-7. Reserved.
  • Section 36-9A-8 – Sales and Use Tax, as a separate article for this publication, we will write an article about it sometime!

Section 36-9A-6. Reserved.

Section 36-9A-6. Reserved.

This section was reserved for future use. The code has not yet been used, and the content of this section is not known at this time.

Section 36-9A-7. Reserved.

Section 36-9A-7. Reserved.

This section has been reserved for future use or expansion.

Section 36-9A-8. Reserved.

Section 36-9A-8. Reserved

Section 36-9A-9. Reserved

Section 36-9A-9. Reserved.

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The Alabama Business and Nonprofit Entities Code is a statute that was written to protect the rights of people who buy, sell, or trade with Alabama businesses. It also gives protection to non-profits by ensuring that they are not liable for their actions unless they prove that it was negligence on their part (which is rare).

This means that if something goes wrong during your transaction with an individual or entity (for example: if they try to cheat you out of money), there will be no legal action taken against them because they were within their rights when dealing with another person/entity (like yourself).

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