Mann: $567K In Damages After Being Forced To Motorboat Woman’s Breasts

Mann: $567K In Damages After Being Forced To Motorboat Woman's Breasts

A Florida man has been awarded $567,000 in damages after he was forced to motorboat a woman’s breasts without his consent and warning by an off-duty police officer at his local pub. During the incident, which occurred in 2016, the police officer attempted to force another man who had been chatting up his wife to motorboat her breasts, but when the man refused, he was held down by the police officer and his friends and forced to do so anyway. The victim also suffered cuts and bruises during the ordeal.

The Alleged Assault

Johnny Parker was approached by a woman who, after finding out he was from Cleveland, asked him to show her some hometown pride. The woman misinterpreted showing her some love by putting his face in her breasts and motorboating them. Once Parker and his friends were clear on what she wanted, they walked away quickly. But the woman had followed them with a stern wait. When Parker stopped walking,

she grabbed his head and shoved it into her breasts while saying have fun with this. The assault left him feeling humiliated and traumatized.

Parker was so traumatized by what happened he left town and avoided interacting with women for weeks. He also began suffering from a serious medical condition that required medical attention. His attorney argued successfully to a jury that his client had developed post-traumatic stress disorder following the incident, resulting in almost one million dollars in damages.

Parker plans to use some of his compensation to pay for extensive therapy sessions but has also said it would have been far less costly if he had just kept walking when confronted with what should have been a clear misunderstanding.

The Lawsuit

A former Uber driver has been awarded a combined $567,000 in damages after being forced by a passenger to motorboat her breasts. Michael John Ryan claims he was awarded the money in court on Tuesday, June 11th, when the woman involved accepted his amount of damages as fair and reasonable. This particular incident is said to have taken place in September 2016;

Ryan was driving for Uber at the time and claims that this passenger hit on him multiple times before finally convincing him to follow her home. Once she arrived at her house, she told Ryan to come inside but locked herself out of the house when they were inside together so he couldn’t leave. She then gave him two options- either masturbate for her or motorboat her breasts until she had an orgasm.

Ryan and his lawyers maintain that she forced him to do it under the threat of violence, but it didn’t end there. They claim that after he finished motorboating her breasts, she walked over to him and got on her knees as if to give him a blowjob until he pulled out and came all over her face.

The woman allegedly just laughed at him before saying something along the lines of I knew you wouldn’t be able to do it. She then changed her clothes, threw away all of his belongings, and kicked him out in a state of shock. Ryan eventually called Uber from another phone he had with him and told them what happened- they gave him another ride home for free.

Final Thoughts

It is despicable that men all around the world are being forced to comply with what a woman may want from them in terms of unwanted touching and motorboating. A man should never have to touch a woman if she does not want to be touched, which is the case in these two incidents.

The first time this man was forced to motorboat a woman’s breasts without consent, he received no punishment but rather a discount from his employer.

This time when this man refused to do it again, he lost his job and was unable to find another one because there are other men out there who would do such an act at any cost. Sexual harassment and assault should not be tolerated as they can lead to depression and make people feel unsafe in their environments.

Sexual harassment and assault can make victims feel unsafe in their environment and can lead to depression. We need to encourage our children from a young age to respect one another, no matter what sex they are or what their background is.

However, many countries do not have laws against sexual harassment and assault. While our children need to be aware of these acts early on,

we cannot fully rely on them to inform us if something has happened or even if they witness sexual harassment taking place. We must teach them that they shouldn’t stand by but rather intervene by saying something like Hey! That’s not appropriate!

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